Adam Sternbergh, whoever he is, has a good piece on aging Gen-Xers in NYMag. If he's to be believed–and the ubiquity, at least in large cities, of aging hipsters seems convincing proof–Generation X is stolidly refusing to grow up. The strange cultural melange this creates is, I think, fairly apparent if you're paying attention: say, the last time you went to a Decemberists show, what was the average age of crowd members? Twenty-five? Thirty?

   Maybe I'm wrong to be alarmed by all this. Maybe things like this happen on long enough timelines, where generations a half-step apart develop almost identically. My first instinct, though, is to attribute this phenomenon to some failing of the Gen-Xers (perhaps that's only my instinctive distrust for hipsters who are, categorically, much cooler than I.)Maybe someday I, too, will force my toddler into a Clash T-shirt without any sense of irony…but I kind of hope not.

 —Morgan Hubbard