Alright, Dan. Time to dust off your slate and chalk and teach me. You've had, by now, a thorough schooling in the issues surrounding the IP-music debate. Truman, that taskmaster, has allowed me little time to investigate it, though I've certainly cast in my lot by downloading scads of songs illegally (TAKE AS MUCH AS YOU CAN!)

So you tell me: What are the central issues surrounding donwloading music for free? Is it unethical? How unethical, and on what scale (that is, it seems that near-anonymous robbery through as many intermediaries as are involved in music downloading seems somehow less odious than other more overt kinds of robbery)? More concretely, what are the hard data–have traditional music technologies slumped in sales? Have musicians (either the starving, garage-dwelling breed or the pomp-rockers) suffered any downsizing?

I'm on a "no pulling of punches" kick right now, so if my downloading is even a little immoral, I want to know. Better to be aware of all the parts of on's nature, good and bad, than to feign ignorance and brush off one's conscience.

Morgan Hubbard