I believe you have actually read the political pulse quite well; it would, indeed, take a drastic move (excluding gays writ large from military service) to spur any action on the part of Democrats. Right now, any elected Democrat who would stand against the logic of “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell” would be labeled a radical and shunned by the party elite. In today’s bizarre politics, liberals are afraid of looking “too liberal.”

Absent a well-received, genuinely liberal Democrat, or a dismantling of the current political duopoly, we are left with one– admittedly strange– option: a pro-gay Republican. In many areas, the Republican Party is the champion of classical liberalism. It supports (when it does not infringe on corporate interests) free markets and economic liberalization and (when it does not infringe upon its moral sensibilities) individual freedom. The Democratic party, erstwhile champion of some civil liberties, is still, at the end of the day, a progressive organ, and have become increasingly so as time marches on. A renewed commitment to liberalism on the part of Republicans may be the antidote for the current political malaise concerning gays in the military.

It’s far-fetched, I know, but it’s something worth considering. As both parties annex more control over citizens’ lives, it becomes necessary, I think, to seriously discuss the principles of the Enlightenment, our political keystone, and ask who will take up the cause.

Daniel Corbett