In 1644 John Milton laid out an eloquent argument for freedom of speech titled “Areopagitica.” The name comes from the title of a speech given by the 5th century Roman orator Isocrates.

In 2006 Daniel Corbett and Morgan Hubbard, after wasting several hours debating the correct pronunciation of “Areopagitica,” decided to start a blog. The blog would be in the spirit of Milton’s view of free speech– an unfettered debate in which all ideas would be freely discussed and critically examined.

OK, so free speech, big deal right? It seems about as significant as celebrating bipedality. This is not necessarily the case. In this blog, we hope, among other things, to make a contemporary case for the sort of free and open inquiry Milton envisioned.

So who are these guys, and why should we care that they have to say? (For a more convincing answer we recommend you speak with our mothers, but we’ll let what credentials we have speak for themselves…)

Daniel Corbett graduated with a degree in journalism from Ohio University. He is currently a law student at the University of Pittsburgh, where he is a member of the Journal of Technology Law & Policy.

Morgan Hubbard graduated with an honors degree in history from the University of Maryland. He is currently working as a defense analyst for the Department of Defense in Washington, DC.

Timothy DeHaut is a guest blogger for Areopagitica. He graduated with a degree in philosophy and a minor in chemistry from Boston College. He is a law student at the University of Pittsburgh and is currently completing an LL.M. at Trinity College Dublin with a thesis on “Theoretical and Practical Application of Game Theory to Interest-Based Mediation.”